What are the different ways to restore bricks?

What are different ways to restore bricks?

Bricks can get dirty and damaged over the course of time due to which it is necessary to perform a standard process to restore bricks as otherwise; they will affect the general outlook of the building and result in architectural problems. Unclean bricks result in significantly reducing the value of the building and make it appear bold. On the other hand, clean bricks give a pleasant look to the building and significantly improve its value. Therefore, we recommend users to regularly perform the process to restore bricks using different methods. Some of the common problems that people have to face include dirty and stained bricks, loose mortar, and broken bricks. Therefore, in this article, we will explain different methods with the help of which users can solve different issues on their own without requiring any professional help.

The process to clean bricks using household supplies

In case there are dirt and stains present on bricks then users can perform a standard process to restore bricks explained below in order to achieve desired results. The process can be performed using household available supplies; therefore, there is no need to purchase special items from the market in order to perform the cleaning process. The steps involved are as follows:

In the first step, vacuum the wall with the help of a vacuum cleaner in order to remove dust and dirt particles present on the bricks. 
Now, wash the bricks with the help of water so that it is convenient to apply the cleaning agent. The washer will also remove dirt and dust particles from bricks.
Prepare an appropriate solution of cleaning agents using soap and salt, which will be effective in removing hard stains present on the wall. Some acid cleaners are also effective in cleaning the bricks and removing the stains in an effective manner.

Fixing brick mortar joints in order to restore a clean look

Loose brick mortar joints can negatively impact the cleanliness of the wall and give it a sore look. Therefore, it is important to perform a process to repoint brick mortar before the problem gets out of the hands. The steps involved in the process to restore bricks are as below:

In the first step, make an assessment of the wall and spot areas where mortar has started to come off.
Now, using a chisel, remove old and loose mortar so that it is convenient to replace it with fresh mortar.
Apply fresh mortar on all the areas that have been cleaned using a chisel. 
Perform a clean job so that it gives an appropriate look to the wall.

Replacing a loose brick

In case a brick of the wall starts to lose its strength and gets damaged due to any reason then we recommend users to replace it so that a proper look of the wall can be maintained. Similarly, it will also help in avoiding architectural problems. Remove the old brick in a professional manner using a chisel and other tools so that it is more convenient to replace it with a brick of equal size and shape. Apply freshly prepared mortar in the area in order to affix the brick in its place in a firm manner. Get more info about how to perform a carpet patching process here.