Cleaning Tips How to Green Your Bathroom?

Cleaning Tips

There are some places in the house requiring special attention, additional cleaning and the use of additional chemicals. Do not think that any place in the bathroom is significant. Small areas with high humidity can be the perfect environment for the growth of hold and mold.
We have made this list to help our readers understand the nature of bathroom cleaning. Let’s discover how to make your bathroom not only cleaner but also greener. These tips are provided today by Butte MT Air Duct Cleaning, a carpet and upholstery cleaner in Butte MT.

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How to perform a carpet patching process?

carpet patching

Carpet patching is a useful process with the help of which a damaged carpet can be restored. There are various reasons due to which a carpet may get permanently damaged in some areas such as permanent stains, irremovable sticky substances, physical damage, etc. In such cases, users might want to replace the carpet. However, replacing a carpet can be expensive and it may not always be possible for users to purchase a new carpet. Therefore, in this article, we will explain the process of patching a carpet in such a way that users only need to replace the damaged part while keeping the whole carpet. 

Supplies required to patch a carpet

The users may require a few supplies in order to perform the process of carpet patching in an effective manner. Some of the supplies are as follows:

  1. Donor carpet: It is a piece of new carpet with the help of which users can patch the damaged areas of the original carpet. We recommend the users to obtain a piece of donor carpet, which is quite similar to the original. In this way, there will be a uniformity after the process of patching has been performed.
  2. Carpet knife: This will be required in order to remove the damaged part. Similarly, the users will need to cut a piece of donor carpet for patching purposes.
  3. Adhesive carpet tape: This will help in fixing the piece of donor carpet on the original carpet and keeping it affixed for a long period.
  4. Seam roller: This will help in blending the patch on the original carpet in a uniform manner.

Steps involved in the process to patch a carpet

In order to perform the carpet patching process in an effective manner, the users can follow the steps given below:

  1. In the first step of carpet patching, mark all the areas on the original carpet, which are damaged and needs to be removed. 
  2. Now, cut all the damaged areas carefully with the help of the carpet knife. Similarly, cut the donor carpet in equal size and shape for performing the patching. We recommend cutting the donor carpet in such a way that its nap direction is the same as that of the original carpet,
  3. Now, fit the donor piece on the original carpet and apply the carpet tape in order to keep it affixed. We recommend taking extra care during this process as carpet tape is usually extremely sticky.
  4. Now, apply the seam roller on the area in order to maximize the strength of the bond between the original carpet and the donor piece.

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