Cleaning Tips How to Green Your Bathroom?

Cleaning Tips

There are some places in the house requiring special attention, additional cleaning and the use of additional chemicals. Do not think that any place in the bathroom is significant. Small areas with high humidity can be the perfect environment for the growth of hold and mold.
We have made this list to help our readers understand the nature of bathroom cleaning. Let’s discover how to make your bathroom not only cleaner but also greener. These tips are provided today by Butte MT Air Duct Cleaning, a carpet and upholstery cleaner in Butte MT.

The Ventilation of Your Bathroom:

You should keep your bathroom ventilated. When someone takes a shower, make
sure to open a window or run a fan for a while for two main reasons:
• Reducing the humidity.
• Decreasing the risk of developing mold.

Your Shower Curtain Should Be Eco-Friendly:

• You should choose the best green material, which are usually made of linen,
organic cotton, and hemp.
• Vinyl and PVC should not be used anymore.

Use Homemade or Natural Chemicals:

Conventional chemicals are full of toxic ingredients. Making your own chemicals and cleaners can be the optimal solution. The main ingredients of most homemade chemicals are baking soda and vinegar. To prevent the growth of mold, spray your shower with a homemade cleaner containing vinegar. In
addition, there are some green products available nowadays on the market.
The simplest daily shower recipe you can make is the spray of white vinegar and water. Another recipe is rubbing alcohol and water.

Low-Flow Shower Heads:

If you want to decrease the half of the water you use, buy and install a low-flow showerhead.

Turn the Water Off:

Some people brush their teeth or shave while the water is running. It is not necessary to keep the water running.

Buy Certain Products:

We can divide this section into two parts.
• Organic cotton and bamboo towels and bath mats:
Bamboo contains natural antibacterial features. Cotton is organic and has many features that make it optimal for the environment.
• Natural Personal Care Products:
There are many products containing petroleum. You should stay away from all petroleum-based ingredients when you shop for your personal care products.
If you did not find the free-petroleum products, keep searching and you will find
them in the end.

Try to Add Some Greenery to Your Bathroom:

If you have a room in your bathroom, try to add some greenery. Search for the best plants that can live in the conditions of your bathroom. Search for plants surviving in low light, humid conditions, and warmth.